I’ve worked with Adventure Pants on multiple film projects, and each time, they brought all the magic ingredients to convey a compelling story that exceeded my expectations. Guez and Branham consistently demonstrate creativity and excellence, and it was a pleasure working with them. Highly recommend!

~Pamela Tomski, Founder & Director, Research Experience in Carbon Sequestration

I directed a small handful of films about important advanced energy technologies for staving off climate change – namely CCS & CCUS – along with my number one collaborator, Bat-Sheva Guez.

Skip to 1:45 for my favorite section. The experience of standing on top of all that coal – which provides only 12 days of electricity for the surrounding community – has made me think twice before flipping on every lightswitch since.

Emily Branham and Bat-Sheva Guez are exceptionally talented storytellers who also happen to be really, really good at making films.  We were all blown away by the final products — they had taken what was complicated and made it compelling, and along the way they’d come up with far better angles and insights than many of us who’d been working with this company for several years had ever managed. The films looked fantastic — utterly professional and expertly produced.

On top of all that, Emily and Bat-Sheva were always on time and at budget, communicating clearly and effectively with us from start to finish and always relentlessly organized and in control. It was a distinct pleasure working with Adventure Pants. I’d gladly do it again.

~Scott Stone, Partner & Co-founder, S2C Pacific

Advanced Energy Technologies

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