Role:  VFX & Motion Design Producer, The Mill

This was a nice trio of spots directed by commercial heavyweight Peter Thwaites, and creatively led on the Mill side by Mario Stipinovich.  In addition to more imperceptible visual effects tasks, we designed a bunch of device screens and overlays to help push each of the three 30-second stories along.  It was a special treat to work with Oscar-winning editor, Kirk Baxter (Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) on two of the three spots.



Agency:  BBDO New York
EVP, Executive Creative Director:  Dennis Lim
SVP, Executive Creative Director:  Juliana Cobb
Art Director:  Marc Klein
Copy Writer:  Bill Heater
Agency Producer:  Cheryl Gackstetter
Additional Agency Producer:  Cori Boudin

Director:  Peter Thwaites
Prod Co:  Gorgeous
Executive Producer:  Anna Hashmi

Edit Facility (Incident Report):  Go Robot
Editor (Incident Report):  Adam Liebowitz

Edit Facility (Car Seat & Wool Hat):  Rock Paper Scissors
Editor (Car Seat & Wool Hat):  Kirk Baxter


Head of Production:  Sean Costelloe
Creative Director:  Mario Stipinovich

Producer:  Emily Branham & Boo Wong
VFX Supervisor:  Eliza Pelham Randall

Colorist:  Adam Scott
Telecine Producer (NY):  Claudia Guevara
Telecine Producer (LA):  LaRue Anderson

Designer/Animator:  Marcin Zeglinski
Designer/Animator:  John Koltai
Matte Painter:  Gap Sangpattharamatee

CG Lead:  Vince Baertson
CG Modeler:  Han-Chin Lee
CG Particles:  Rich Magan
CG Tracking:  Timothy Kim

Lead 2D:  Keith Sullivan & Mark French
2D:  Jeff Robbins
Nuke:  Erin Nash
2D Assist:  Dusty Diller, Suzanne Dyer
Junior 2D:  Rob Meade


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