I have been deeply honored to be invited twice to the I-Park Artist’s Residency in Connecticut.  A sanctuary for art and nature on 120 acres of land adjacent to a state park called the Devil’s Hopyard, I-Park buzzes through all seasons with the energy of artists and ghosts gone by.  My experiences there have been such a gift – of time and space and solitude and community in support of creative work.

The video above is something I couldn’t help but make on my first visit.  I didn’t bring any video equipment with me because I went there to edit, but ended up snapping loads of photos with my point-and-shoot camera.  While out on a walk I decided I had to edit them together into a dance.  The song is “I’m a Pilot” by Fanfarlo, and I was listening to it on repeat as I set up my studio in the woods on Day 1.  I guess I turned up the volume too loud because eventually the left speaker blew out and started smoking.  I was a little too excited about having a room of my own!  There are no people in the video, and there’s no explicit narrative, but I still feel extremely moved when I watch it.


I-Park Artist’s Residency

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