Role:  Post-production/Motion Design/Visual Effects Producer, The Mill

Another really creative motion design project that I got to help pull together at the Mill!  Love that place.  This set of spots was created for the New York Stock Exchange to highlight their relationships with various exciting digital media companies.  We wanted to create an actual live projection-mapping event on the face of the Stock Exchange, but logistical limitations prevented it – at least for this round of spots.  Instead these were digitally created using a combination of 3D and 2D methods.  Our small but versatile team was creatively led by Gene Nazarov and Mario Stipinovich.


Creative Director:  Yvonne de Santis
Agency Producer:  Peter Blitzer

Music:  HiFi

Head of Design Production:  Danielle Amaral
Director of Content:  Ian Bearce
Creative Director:  Mario Stipinovich

Art Director:  Gene Nazarov
Producer: Emily Branham

Design/Animation:  Gene Nazarov
Design/Animation:  Colin Hess
CG/Animation:  Justin Burton
CG/Animation & Nuke Compositing:  Bashir Hamid
Nuke Compositing:  Rodrigo de la Parra

Flame:  Gavin Wellsman & Mark French

CG Modeling:  Han-Chin Lee
CG:  Ajit Menon
CG:  Xuan Seifert

Content Assistant:  Jared Auslander

CG Assistant:  Zang Chen
Design Assistant:  Eugene Kolb
Junior 2D:  Rob Meade
Additional Design:  Hye Sung Park


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